A free driver installation and troubleshooting package for Windows

DriverPack Solution is a free program designed to work with drivers on Windows operating system devices. It allows the user to detect the necessary drivers automatically, download and install them. The program has a straightforward interface, which makes working with it accessible to ordinary users.

The program has a massive database of drivers for Windows computers, organized by categories of a specific type of equipment. In addition, the program has tools for creating a detailed report on the state of the computer – its hardware and software.

After starting DriverPack Solution, the user is greeted by the Assistant, which finds all the necessary drivers for your PC and automatically installs them. If you agree to this, you will additionally have affiliate software installed that you most likely do not need. The expert mode will help you avoid this. To switch to this mode, click the “Open expert mode” button at the bottom of the window. Then go to the “Software” and “Protection and cleanup” sections and disable the installation of unnecessary software products.

Pros and Cons
Automatic selection of appropriate drivers
Installing, reinstalling and updating drivers
Diagnostics of the state of the computer hardware
Assistant and Expert Mode
Simple and clear interface
Some unnecessary software recommendations
Slow drivers download
False positives of antiviruses

DriverPack Solution is recommended for everyone who wants to quickly and efficiently select and install all the necessary drivers for their Windows PC. At the same time, when using DriverPack, you should be very careful and carefully monitor that you do not install unnecessary software. Therefore, we recommend using the program in expert mode.

Author:Artur Kuzyakov
Updated:April 11, 2022
Latest Version: 17.11.108
Available languages:English, French, German, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Turkish, Ukrainian…


Below are links to download the online and offline versions of the driver package. The offline version is giant but contains various hardware drivers and can be used when there is no Internet, and the online version only downloads the drivers required for your device.

What’s new
  • Updated driver database


Run the installer and follow its instructions.